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What is SimCity BuildIt and how to play the game?

Posted on August 14, 2017  in android games

SimCity BuildIt is a series of SimCity game for the iOS and android mobile devices. It was released by Electronic Arts. SimCity BuildIt is the most played game in the series of SimCity games. It is a free game to play and also this game has some inbuilt app purchase features. The music and the graphics in the game is similar to all other series of the SimCity. This game is slightly downscaled to fit with the iOS and android mobile devices. It is a city building game and the player will be given the task of finding and developing the city. There are four currencies in the game and they are Simoleons, SimCash, city achievements and golden keys. The player has to get these currencies in order to win the game.

Simoleons can be earned by upgrading the areas of residency and the trading resources of the game. SimCash will be earn by spending the real money or by completing the city achievements and golden keys. Golden keys which needs to buy or earn by completing the challenges like disaster or the shipment challenges. There are also some platinum keys which cannot be buy with SimCash and can be get it only from the major contests such as town league, city league or from some contests. These major contests are used to build the parks, landmarks of some legendary things. Initially the player will be given twenty five thousand Simoleons and fifty SimCash to start the game. The city can be randomly chosen by the player according to the gamer wish. If the player is willing to change the city name after started the game then he can able to change at any time from the setting menu. There is no special feature called Zoning in the SimCash BuildIt game for that the buildings are able to plopped by manually.


Commercial and industrial building will produce the require item and these items are needed by the residential zones for the better upgrade. Also the factories in the city can be upgrade though it and is not producing anything for the city. The player needs to start the construction from the chosen patch of green land and he can use simcity buildit hack apk to make his citizens happy with ultimate facilities. The buildings in the city are constructed in different zones and the zones are commercial, industrial, developmental and residential zones. The development and residential zones for the people to live, Commercial zones are to build the shops and offices and Industrial zones are to build the factories, laboratories and farms. As the builder of the city the player needs to ensure that the people in the city are living happy life by the providing services and amenities by the builder of the city. The player has to give the stable budget for his people to live the better life. The builder needs to define the density based on the type of the buildings. The density may be low, high or mid-sized density. Low density is to define the small buildings, mid-size density is to define the medium level buildings and the high density is to define the large tower buildings.

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