The Top 10 YOLO Plays in Esports History

The Top 10 YOLO Plays in Esports History

guys let's face it it's pretty rare when your teammate says don't worry I got this and doesn't proceed to throw the entire match afterwards but sometimes when you throw caution to the wind when the impossible is made possible the results can be legendary they're all together PPD he comes the ice blocks ready sometimes you just have to throw the rulebook out the window and remember what Drake said once upon a time you only live once so from Aegis snatches to noscopes to base races some of the best plays in competitive gaming history have been made by a guy who says bucket I'm going in here are the top ten Yolo plays in eSports kicking off our list is reiha's back worthy son strike on mid one doing the group stage of the International 2018 after successfully harassing the enemy drow Ranger out of Lane we keeps a close watch on her path thing as she walks back to base men one knows this of course and paths unpredictably as a result rates ban no boots billed for mid wand look at this mid one it he knows that the substract might come strike is up he's watching we but just as drow appears to have safely made her way back to base whee-ha throws out a Hail Mary for the ages that's my boy coming in at number nine is Pines infamous wrap around on junker town from the overwatch league's inaugural season the sneaky flank that pine sets up not only ensures that he has the element of surprise over his enemies but mostly guarantees that he'll throw the hold entirely if this manoeuvre doesn't work out but when the big boss can it looks like this failure is rarely on the cards formation as you're about to see with the infra site and nailed the shots not many widow-makers would go for this play [Applause] the number 8 play on our list is an iconic play from one of cs gos greatest that's right we're talking about simples notorious clutch against Team Liquid at ESL one New York 2016 down into a one-on-one good trades but it's simple and he's already finding himself in a post planet one be 1 against nitro simple is forced into a risky retake with an OP but knowing that nitros got the jump on him the Ukrainian phenom tosses out the most unexpected audacious and expensive of distractions smoke could be really rough for simple tanks to get through this he's got [Applause] if it is that just you come that is just Eiling on nitro that's it just mentally breaking him saying I'm just going to utterly dominate you in this one-on-one you don't even deserve to be in the same server as be coming in at number seven is fakers crisp shockwave against Edward gaming during world's 2017 s group stage up nine kills in a hefty 10,000 gold EDG had SKT on the ropes but SKT right now they're looking into sarchie top spot that is it's almost impossible threat to come back but instead of clawing at their lead by playing defensively SKT decided to turn things up a notch with an aggressive rotation and after spotting EDG x' attempt to barrel down mid faker decided that now was the perfect time to land a face-melting shockwave door shock wave and SKT did it they pulled back from dull deficit I wanted to fight against all expectations because in half a second every coming in at number six is the hottest plan our list courtesy of the legendary olofmeister into science finds it makes no finding himself in a perilous post plant situation at ESL one cologne 2014 well I've had no choice but to brave the flames of devices incendiary grenade to pull off this ninja defuse small counter-strike matches and that was a millisecond away from being the difference between defuse or death whereas most people would have quickly retreated Olaf says fuck it and sticks it out to win the round with a meager 5 health remaining at the midway point on our list is that time that Kenny s brought a knife to a gunfight at ESL one cologne 2015 locked in an intense one be one against Guardian these two legendary offers danced around each other on infernos a site with Guardian whiffing his noscopes and Kenny unable to land his pistol shots the Frenchman had no choice but the clutches blade say a prayer and take to the skies [Applause] oh I didn't Lord that was putting all that if any have picking up so many kills in that round our list just wouldn't be complete without a healthy dose of eternal Envy and his solo bass race against LGD at the 2015 dota 2 Asia Championships comes in at number four on our list with LGD pushing the high ground in cloud nine unable to put up an appropriate defense and be made the risky decision to TP bottom for an all-in split push quickly running out of options although NV here you go into the back door is real he gives the mid lane of barracks this could turn into another good old-fashioned bay frame with the help of his manta illusions and the armor reducing desolator he buys from the enemy fountain NV tries to beat out the entirety of LGD in a no-holds-barred base race for the ages he's doing what damage he can trade yet they still have to clip that stop de deadness crash but they can't focus and throw themselves instead they have to deal with the heroes Botha doing a lot of damage this is gonna be damn close so much on the line here internal enemy might be able to do it to get his teammate place LGD they just let the throw but they can't attend me oh my god winter you called it and NV did it making his second appearance on our list of Yolo plays is simple this time for his iconic jaw-dropping clutch against fnatic at ESL one cologne 2016 finding himself on the losing end of a 1v2 against fnatic simple decides to drop from heaven with his op and rack up not one but two no scopes while the first kill is pretty mind-blowing the second is just downright impossible it literally shouldn't have happened and is even better with the Russian casters taking the penultimate spawn on our list is none other than expectation thymus backdoor against SK gaming at IEM katowice 2013 with alarmingly little health and a teleport to boot expec a spots an opportunity to close at the match and put this tense bloodbath to rest using cassadines mobility and a shitload of concentration Pekka is able to deke out his opponents and take down the enemy Nexus until he'd stolen not only the match but every last shred of eske's dignity [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] taking the top spot on our list is off ooh and is all too famous thief in the night maneuver against virtus Pro during TI sevens upper bracket it's important to note that virtus Pro aren't desperate to slay Roshan since they need the ages to close out this nail-biter of a match against LGD forever you lfy being two racks down against him and it looks like for the Marmot rolling ball to offer for what really makes this our top Yolo play is the fact that you can't ward inside the Rosh pit and the only way to see inside of it is to have a unit in there that's right you just watched a man dive into the Rosh pit blind and do the impossible guys that right there is what eSports is all about so for more goosebump inducing content from biographies to listicles like this one don't forget to sub to the channel like this video and comment below on what you want to see us do next and I'll see you next time thanks for watching if you want more content like this hit the sub button and ring that notification bell for unique bite-sized videos you won't find anywhere else hit up our Instagram Twitter and Facebook pages

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  1. 6 years ago: watching xPeke's backdoor at 4am in the morning with my exams coming up later in that day. I failed that exam. I don't even remember what subject that was. But I never forgot that Kassadin play.


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