Seth Davis Drumming: #61 – Practice Pad Application (2012)

Seth Davis Drumming: #61 –  Practice Pad Application (2012)

If you’re playing on the practice pad and you’re proficient on the practice pad.. But look what you’re using… What, wrist? However you wanna play it.. Ok, matched grip. All this requires is little arm movement. You got fingers, you got
wrists.. But to sit there and play and be a
proficient snare drummer is much different because there’s no
motions. You’re not having to move your elbows
out. You’re not having to stretch and hit cymbals on the drum set and move around, ok. So.. It’s basically the concept to
understand what you practice you need to be
practicing what you apply on the drum set. So if you
just sit here and work on um.. Say a single stroke exercise of mine
that’s something like.. If you’re just gonna sit there
and work on that, you will be good at doing that. But if you wanna move around the set you’re gonna have to incorporate more upperbody.

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