18 Comments on "Restrict a Child Account’s Access to PS4 Games By Rating"

  1. My account got banned and I dont even play the game that much and I woke up to my account being banned. I looked it up and some people's accounts are getting banned because they get recieved a message or they get a friend request from somebody. Please fix this and unban my account


  2. Sony a message directly to you. You should allow external assets because people would actually buy a ps4 instead they would buy an Microsoft console due to your poor decision and everyone thinks so too so please give it a try and I also would buy a ps4 and everyone else would too if you actually did more things to improve your company. You would have 5 times the players if you actually improved your services so hear me out and add external assets to skyrim and fallout just at least try what I'm asking thank you have a great day sony​


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