JUMP SCARE Royal Rumble 2 in WWE 2k19 with Hello Neighbor and GRANNY! KIDCITY GAMING

JUMP SCARE Royal Rumble 2 in WWE 2k19 with Hello Neighbor and GRANNY! KIDCITY GAMING

what’s up everybody it’s DadCity and Little Flash and
we are back with another Royal Rumble this time it’s the last episode of our
Royal Rumbles until we get to the winner’s circle the win a second and we
have a doubleheader because we need two winners to enter in it so this Saturday
morning we are publishing the final winner’s circle until we get to WWE 2k
20 so this is our first match ok evil City he is gonna be neighbor the clown
okay we got boogie Mans a special version of Ava Ava Undead instead of Ava
Unleashed Bozo the Clown which was a little kid character when I was a little
kid AJ style zombie edition zombie king valor Bonnie for five nights at Freddy’s
granny it’s supersonic dot exe then after we finish this match there’s gonna
be ten more grab two winners today here we go I don’t match up before the finale
remember to comment below let us know who you’re rooting for in the finale
what would you want it’s happy my arms heavy of course it’s all it’s all muscle
hey remember to subscribe ring the bell so you don’t miss when we upload a
Saturday morning morning morning it’s darling it’s loading
oh no boot with the Bozo the Clown that freaked him out when he was a kid you
know what he deserved it oh who is it oh I’ve been getting ready for zombie king
valor yes got that cyborg arm come over and show us show everybody your ugly
face zombie king oh there goes another one could evil
city make it into the winners oh come here
gold Sonic him on my shortly Wow oh look at his gold hair coming out yeah that’s
a good one I’m all celebrating what are you talking about
do we have a golden AJ Styles come on neighbor get in this Royal Rumble raise
your random zombie I’m not even get with it man
oh I just fell down I didn’t know I don’t even know what happened okay
snap suplex from AJ Styles to supersonic exe dad city’s recovering oh come on I’m
trying man look look how nasty zombie AJ Styles is oh yeah AJ Styles bringing in
the technical wrestling oh oh my goodness what was that was that trouble
in paradise comment below tell us what that name of that move is is it all BAM snap legdrop
Barney view five nights at Freddy’s yeah I just punch both of them come on there
we go get some momentum again the trike oh he’s weird-looking of course is he’s
an animatronic that’s a bunny yes it’s a bunny
come here AJ what’s this what are you talking about chicken do dude no look at
you distracting me I’m trying look at you you chicken do new stuff and
I’m trying to wrestle here comes Randy’s now now y’all in
trouble now both of y’all get down come on get down uh-oh Oh granny made a
mistake yes here we go go
nasty backwoods suplex and zombie styles yeah throw him down
I vote for granny to get in that granny grannys greens played such a big part in
these rumbles yet never won she’s got the same sassed wool SuperSonics in
trouble oh that was a mistake there she came in and got rid of supersonic are
you 10 is that a wrap man I just got an animatronic fist to the face trying to
get out here it’s too many people stop it with the chicken do dude see you
mates now you made me mad come here Ava sorry girl Oh almost got her out leave
that bunny look at that bunny there’s no way Ray’s out no way granny’s
out no way graves out you better jinx yourself you’re gonna jinx neighbor
clowns Oh big need to Bonnie oh here comes neighbor clown oh look out kids
he’s coming for you oh oh yeah thank you oh I almost have my finisher on better
get away from me Oh Ava and body going at it boys I’m throwing somebody at you boom well
AJ’s just running through everybody there we go let’s get AJ almost almost
keep trying keep trying then they go work that ain’t gonna work who’s got a finisher AJ’s got a finisher a vascular cheetah throw you out I’m
gonna let y’all go at it look how little he is Oh AJ and granny no no oh look at this now
for our first winner of tonight it’s either gonna be AJ Styles zombie oh its
neighbor the cloud has gone to the winner’s circle
alright I’ll deal with that but the knave the real neighbor and then the
next he’s in the next one second match and we have reset everything we had to
do this a bunch of times we uploaded like this virus character and blew the
whole system this is the final entrant into the winner’s circle right okay and
I’m the Undertaker coming to number one he is Roman brains once you show upper
body to Roman brick and here we go who’s gonna be number two to the Undertaker
hey wise comes out with the flying elbow be there at least that head around yeah that was a nice move clothesline yeah these announcers are struggling
man Pennywise is quick just changes yeah get Frankenstein
coming in okay Frankenstein versus the Undertaker he’s big man look at that Undertaker Oh ghost ridah coming in
Undertaker and Frankenstein are like the same what’s what’s keys in the lock doesn’t make any sense
that’s not what I was trying to say all right from downtown double axe handle
smash Frankenstein caught me now calling the Frankensteiner yeah who’s coming in
now man this is going fast all right come your skinny toothpick Baldy little
blue paint oh he’s got a little black Dawn’s Bobo its roots entertainments
aramis stage oh no no no – people are trying to be eliminated right who’s over
there in Frankenstein okay I’m good I’m good I’m takes good Romek brains get out of here Frankenstein push people
edit please oh he is green we got a battery Louis what else can go wrong we
don’t want that we don’t want another error we’ve already yeah yeah go for it
oh mercy a better chance if you ask me people normally do not get out of that
Baldy just got rid of Ghost Rider looking away Freddy fazbear Bobby Furguson looks like a zombie the
Romans brains is nasty yeah thank you look at Baldy I’m gonna get a second
elimination Oh y’all are double-teaming brain stem is caught in the ropes come
here Freddie coming down to number 10 now there we go oh man
Frankenstein oh oh man hey let’s get him double-team him he’s in my way nice okay
neighbors in now what if neighbor wins and clown neighbor wins neighbors in
well that ain’t happenin see you later mirror mark Powerball cake powerbomb
now here’s my signature yes yes the last ride oh yeah
I definitely have him on my short list of favorites big boot oh here we go
oh good joke slam biggie out of the ring here goes
see you later busy he may be worse than Dracula for bendy okay Freddy he’s
trying to get rid of baldies see we can do it finish the job Oh double-team to
get rid of him weird Oh Oh what’s going just threw me out
into the crowd yeah okay so Freddy’s telling Paul D to get up haunting him
big Bobo into the gut Roman reigns has got to jump scare characters down on the
mat asleep he can’t finish the job side Russian leg sweep sides what’s this
squishy sweetie the green pits Roman brains has green pits Oh Oh about to do
away with the brains this – the brains whoa is he gonna do it big Roberto both
he says got today brains oh he’s gonna finish him off oh look at
these jump scare characters okay this is this is it we’re not deciding this it’s
totally random it’s totally you think Baldy I’m vote
for quality come on Baldy do it potato head has entered the Royal Rumble winner
circle a kid City Wow now we have our list of winners and we
will announce those on our feed soon this Saturday it’s going down the main
event winner circle Royal Rumble coming up on kit city okay make sure you were
there to say 9:00 a.m. central Sun yes we will see you next time a kitchen bye

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