Introduction to Gods Unchained – CRYPTO Gaming!!! – Get Started!

Introduction to Gods Unchained – CRYPTO Gaming!!! – Get Started!

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s cheeto finger here. Hey, thanks for coming in. That’s me cheeto finger Hey, the reason we’re here is to talk about a super cool new game called gods Unchained see it on the screen. You’re probably going Tito What is this gods Unchained you speak of well, here’s what it is. It’s a new game. Like I said, it just came out It’s in beta right? So it’s brand new now. Here’s the interesting thing about Gods Unchained and why cheeto thinks it’s gonna be a lot of fun to play if you see here this giant blue orb is what we call a Thorium or ether or a thorium? I’ve heard it called many many different things, but it’s a type of cryptocurrency If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s like Bitcoin think digital currency, right so online money So a thorium is a certain type Gods Unchained just happens to be the very first game that I am aware of Probably know Definitely that uses both both cryptocurrency as well as a game, right? So the game gods Unchained as we get into it is a card game, right? So it’s free You can download it for free As a matter of fact, I’ll make sure I put my link into this video, right? make sure you click on the link go in register your email and now you’ve got a free copy of gods Unchained and I would highly recommend that you start playing and collecting cards now cuz I’m already getting really good and if you want to keep up You might want to start now Lincoln to script. Hey, here’s another announcement what I’m gonna do Here’s the thing live-streaming gods Unchained. It’s a card game. So it takes a while, right? So what my plan is for you guys is we’re gonna do a live stream every Friday night Friday night card Throwdown in God’s Unchained right now I will continue to post videos for you videos where I win Videos where I lose you’re gonna see a lot of that trust me, but hey, maybe it’ll maybe it’ll help right Maybe you look at and you say yep. I learned something from Tito’s mistake or yep. You know what? I’m gonna try that move Cheeto just did might be right might be wrong. I don’t know, but hey, maybe we might get some cool cards Using our thorium, right and I’ll do another episode in another video on what a thorium is in totality I’m gonna leave that to those Bitcoin people though Just google it you’ll learn real fast a thorium ether, right? But make sure you sign up for God’s Unchained that way you can play against mr. Cheeto finger. Hey, I bet you can’t Guess what? My name is? Mr. Cheeto finger. All right. Well with that being said mr. Cheeto finger out and I’ll look for you in God’s Unchained I’m gonna go get my deck ready right now

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  1. This is going to be a super fun game team! Click "Show More" above to get your link to Download "Gods Unchained!!"


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