iJevin Plays Minecraft – Ep. 40: BREAKING BEDROCK! (1.14 Minecraft Let's Play)

iJevin Plays Minecraft - Ep. 40: BREAKING BEDROCK! (1.14 Minecraft Let's Play)

hey everybody welcome back to a brand new episode of our minecraft 1.14 let's play hope you guys are all doing well today I'm doing fantastic today is episode 40 and I've got a great episode plan for you it's gonna be an interesting one that's for sure but anyways but before we do that let's get into the question of the day so you're standing in your living room and your family member walks up to you and they go you have 30 seconds to decide on a version of Minecraft or one mod to play with for the rest of life timing you have to choose right then or you can't ever play Minecraft ever again on the spot what do you choose and why let me know what you guys think if you enjoy this series and you want to see more make sure you hit the like button and subscribe in terms of the vacations for the videos come out let's get into it alright guys so to get started with today's episode we the title is gonna say everything but we're gonna be breaking bedrock today but before we do that I want to go over to the iron farm and show you guys what's up so while we do that I want to talk about the new channel real fast the first episode posted we had over 2000 viewers on the first episode of a new channel guys that's insane thank you I also noticed that we lost like 400 subscribers and the first day we gained about 1300 subs I go back this evening we had 900 so not really know what happened there but if you had subscribed to the new channel which by the way if you missed last episode for some reason I have started a new channel dedicated some modded minecraft it's gonna be on that channel alone this channel is going to host hermit craft and just this vanilla let's play and speaking of hermit craft let's talk about that real fast as well I get a lot of questions and comments Jevon where's hermit craft I am simply waiting for the new season to start I don't know when that's gonna be but hermit craft has not gone anywhere don't you worry but to continue on the new channel is for modded minecraft and if you are interested in helping grow that channel you can find the link to that or in the cards in the description below simply go over there subscribe you know enjoy the content so since last time I did a bit of work on our iron farm and mainly just below upstairs is kind of perfect now but I made the walls too tall because I was mom's piling up down here and if we go downstairs I moved the killing chamber down one and so no man we that's like two golems in women and 1/2 this thing is actually starting to work pretty fast for us and remember this was a document he had worked with some other people so if you missed that episode last time check that out because I did a tutorial on how to build this and look we've already moves got three stacks of iron plus some bones nice nice nice so this thing is working pretty good we've got it all kind of you know the Kings kind of worked out we'll continue to watch it now from what I understand this thing is stackable I think you have to go up a number of blocks though from what doc was saying it had to be like 17 blocks which you know I'm not really sure I think the game plan is going to be to move this spawner into the spawn chunks that way it's just constantly running all the time so I think without further ado though we should probably get to work cuz we have a lot of stuff to do today I have already got all the blocks that we need together to gets to the nether roof but I'll meet you guys there all right guys I am up at the bedrock level of our world I just took the portal that we made from the old villager breaker portal and just came up a few extra blocks so according to the video that I watched you need to be roughly on level 127 to get where you need to be to get through the bedrock and this isn't much easier method than the inter purling like we did before so if I'm standing here and I'm on 123 1 24 25 26 that block right there is 27 so I need to mark our coordinates negative 64 27 remember that and fry that into your brain so to get through the bedrock it's actually really really simple making sure I have my chakra box full of goodies here I'm just gonna come up place a slab down and by the way this tutorial is from somebody named frolla he's a youtuber make sure you check out his video if you have issues with mine or you just want to watch the original video that is linked down in the description so the point of this is the slab is going to push us through the rakh we're gonna enter pearl into the top block and since we're standing on the slab it'll put our head through the bedrock and it should be like really easy yeah like really easy all right so now we need to mark the spots in which we are going to be breaking through so 64:27 right there so that is where we are going to come through the bedrock to get ourselves an awesome ladder up here so let's go ahead and get started with this tutorial because the way that I'm gonna record this is I'm gonna watch this tutorial and then do it so it's gonna be kind of rough cuts all right so to get started we need some Pistons the first thing you want to do is kind of decide the orientation for this it doesn't really matter just as long as you have a regular piston facing on the left side and a sticky piston facing on the front side from there you're gonna take some obsidian and you can actually break this block now and also make sure that your coordinates are absolutely perfect because you don't want to do all this and have it in the wrong location so you want to go five blocks with obsidian it has to be obsidian one two three four five two three four five just give you guys a quick look at this alright guys so before we move on make sure that you add one more block of obsidian to the end here that was a mistake that I made so next up we are going to place and activate a rail at the very end and a lever on the other side just like so then we're gonna take our repeaters one two three four five one two three four five just like that place a block behind the piston place redstone dust here now each one of these needs to be full tick delay so all the way through there we go there we go there we go there we go so as you know most of the time breaking bedrock requires piston less heads or headless sorry stepping backwards he'll assistance so what this is gonna do is when you hit that lever it's gonna activate both of them and break that piston head so let's go ahead and give this a shot perfect alright so now you can see that we have a piston that does not have a head okay so I ran into a problem but it was all because of the orientation of this rail now because of the side that I chose as you know that there is a Southwest rule for mine cards and how that the cards play the same with the rails so you see how mine's facing this way it actually needs to be facing the other way so I went got another buying cart rail and another TMT minecarts and as long as it's facing forward it should be fine cuz mine was facing the other way and it didn't work so again just checking all of my redstone to make sure everything is okay it's a lever get out of Dodge and we should be okay this time alright mission success now before we do anything else go ahead and place your redstone down there turn the Redstone off here and we can remove all of this so we have to remove all of the obsidian the block and then all of the redstone here so we'll get all of this out of the way real fast you really don't even need to remove the rest of this just get it out of the way so you don't lose your stuff really there we go pick all that up fantastic so now that we have that removed out of the way you want to go ahead and grab yourself another piece of redstone there and you also once you place a non sticky piston down right there just like that so give you a quick second to take a look at that there we go alright alright so this next part is a little tricky next to this piston right here we need to block up a few blocks from there you can jump back down so what we need to do we actually need to get a piston underneath of this facing downwards so as you can see I'm gonna try to get as close as I can just like that so once you have that place you want to go ahead and place a redstone block and remove all of this there we go so now just to clear things up we have an extended piston and then we have another piston facing down right next to it alright so next to our piston we want to grab a few blocks right so we want to put a block down here and then we're gonna finally get to using these slime blocks sorry my mouse cursor changed there we go so three slime blocks down go to our sticky pistons right on side of the block there and then from there we're gonna get back to our blocks and put four blocks down two three four as you can see it should line up with the redstone no problem and you should have this set up here let me go ahead and show you around so you can see one of the reasons why I do the show a round thing is because I watch a lot of tutorials on minecraft and nobody does this show your work there we go perfect so I'm moving forward we need to grab our repeaters and our comparators and these got to be placed down in a very specific way and location so please pay very close attention to this so we're gonna do comparator repeater comparator repeater so just every other one from there we're gonna do two repeaters well that's got to be normal into comparators just like that alright so now grab your redstone dust place these down right here just four of them and then put the lever that you had from earlier down just like that and power them so your Pistons should have extended once you've done that go ahead and remove your redstone blocks just like that there we go alright guys well this is the moment of truth when I flick this lever this should pull back obviously retracting this should retract pushing this entire set / and we could see like a breaking animation so let's do it cool I think we got it boys break that right there oh my god we broke through the nether hug did we did it guys that my friends was a challenge I gotta be honestly that one was harder than last one but that's that tutorial that I watched from that guy was a very very good tutorial he was very clear concise and the only mistake that I made my own was the arrangement of the of the piston so just be very careful when you're doing this but now we I don't think I have enough ladders I might have enough ladders to get up there but now we have a clear way to get up into the nether roof now the whole reason for this was because I want to make a gold farm regardless of which one works or you know whoever built it I do want to make one but we needed to get up here first oh and also one other just like little security thing I want to put another portal up here let's put it like right here two three oh crap hold on so hopefully this tutorial when is well for you guys as it did for me that went pretty good it was pretty fast – I really really hope you guys check out that guy's video because it's really well done there we go so if the portals are working correctly which I highly doubt they are which meal to go through this portal and it should take us out in front of the villager breeder there we go fantastic so the only problem is is that when we go back to it's obviously not going to connect but it is a way to fast travel back and forth from the top of the nether so then we always have back up there alright guys so we are about to commit genocide I have a number of villagers already pushed in here I need to get them out of there that way I can get the rest of them do we're never gonna be able to collect all the villagers though right like that's that's pretty much an impossible feat so what we're gonna do is we're gonna push all these guys forward just like this and I will block them off right here grab that and like pretty much if the villagers are not like obeying the way that I want them to do then they're pretty much dead like this is pretty much it I'm not gonna not gonna have an aneurysm over villager movement because it's everybody knows that that is the most rage-inducing thing on the planet there we go so we'll get these guys move forward and then we are going to TMT the absolute heck out of this thing there we go keep moving them forward so yeah we'll try to get these guys moved out of here alright so we're hitting the wall so I'm gonna fly out of here real fast there we go oh we actually have a decent amount but this guy this guy like guy what are you doing up here man these guys can go that way I don't really care it would be in your best interest good sir to jump into the hole I promise you alright so let's get rid of this there we go alright so let's grab you and you so I think one more bucket and we should be fine trying to move these guys forward just a little bit more it's actually working pretty well one more time I know because we have the edges here it's gonna make it almost impossible to get all of them in there but all right cool so now that we have a secured amount of villagers it's time to blow this thing up so what I'm gonna do is try to disconnect although obviously we don't want any of the villagers over here to get tea anteed so what we will do is try to disconnect this that way if any tea as he flies over it'll try like fall down instead of land there we go all right so I will remove all that in just a moment get rid of all this there we go so we'll clean all that up I've got to go down the one thing that I have left to do is I have to get rid of the water down there but I'm thinking we'll have tea and tea and like every so like we'll do an outside rim just like this there we go and then we'll do an inside rim too so those those poor villagers they really have no idea what's about to hit on them but hey it's not my fault they should have listened to the Jevon when i asked them to there we go and then we'll do an inside rim just like this there we go and then we'll do the same thing downstairs so give me a minute to get this all processed and I'll be back all right guys we are ready to put the bottom layer and now I got all the water removed all the blocks up top are cleared up let's go ahead and place these down now I'm probably using too much TNT but last time we did TNC it did not go well so I'm redeeming myself here today people and I am so tired I can't even keep my eyes open dude what the grind never stops guys remember that you would be successful in life sometimes you've gotta sacrifice let me go I think that'll probably take care of it let's go up real fast just make sure that I have enough TNC in the middle here Oh poor villagers they have no idea what is coming to them there we go all right so that's all of my TNT so here's the game plan I you know what now that I think about it I may want to actually put a lid on this thing over here real fast that and some torches hold on I just don't want me TNT flying in there pretty much so let me grab this don't want any ma bees spawning in here so get this all covered up real fast there we go I should have used obsidian to cover that thing up all right so our villagers are now safe I'm gonna TNT this thing and this fly over here I think so getting the Rockets let's go boys oh my god all right not bad not bad I killed about 400 villagers right there huh oh my God look down below oh my god that is about to be a massacre dude oh my goodness I should probably go ahead and sleep and try to kill off all the rest of those villagers alright guys I am over at the enchant station because we have not had a good time enchanting so I decided that I'm going to take personal vengeance on this enchanting session I went to the internment farm repaired all of our tools well I still need to get some mending on these two guys do I actually I don't have any more men hanging okay how'd you get another mending villager soon repaired tools armor we're good there got a bunch of books and 61 levels so we are going to try to get some Redemption here because my god has enchanting been just so cruel to us lately and the Wow these are the even these are this is not going well looting – quick charge efficiency three like what's what's going on here guys what's up with all these bad and chance man sharpness three efficiency three there's not even double and chance in here either respiration that's a good one I'll take that one I don't think this I don't think I have respiration how much will it cost ten alright so we'll definitely definitely keep those together in there not bad not bad so in terms of what we need for enchants that one needs Deb Strider that one needs aqua affinity so we really don't need a lot of enchants but I've just been so like frustrated with enchanting thorns efficiency like I haven't seen fortune – I would rather do level one enchants and then just not get anything ever efficiency for I shouldn't see three Basel do that one it helps to get a veteran chant for that another respiration three that'll be a good book to have it'll be cheaper to put on the armor power alright so out of all the enchants that we did that was not good the game continues to be very mean to me in terms of enchanting and I spent a lot of time getting those XP levels too so respiration was really the only win out of that entire situation like seriously that was really bad Oh got a baby zombie you gonna die baby there we go helmets other way around alright so our armor is getting there these are finished this just needs depth Rider and then that needs aqua affinity and I don't think I've gotten aqua I don't think I've even seen aqua affinity yet so anyways guys I think that's probably gonna take care of today's episode if you guys enjoyed today's video make sure you hit the like button and subscribe and turn those notifications from when the videos come out this is our jebin we sat everybody you

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  1. I would play Minecraft 1.14 using the Localized Weather Mod. It's an awesome mod where there is tornadoes, hurricanes, sandstorms and much more. I would also love to be in that world as an actual person too, because I have a liking for storms.


  2. Eeey there is a one way to break a bedrock to.. First ur gotta wait to update minecraft to 1.14 …and then put a dirt.. And put a bamboo under the bedrock… And then use bone meal.. There u go done.


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