I died and spectated the BEST controller player on fortnite…

I died and spectated the BEST controller player on fortnite...

if you don't like the video in the next three seconds you'll never win another game before night yo what's up guys Dillon here before the video begins I just want to give a huge shout out to Brown magician and for hooking it up for this video if you guys liked this skin or even this emo make sure you guys head over to this website where you will find many other games including for night and all the newest skins that are available to choose from all links will be in the top of the description he's 100% legit and I could not do this without him alright what's going on guys Dillon back with another video you guys absolutely killed it on the spectating video if you guys do enjoy my content and enjoy my videos just make sure hit that sub button it really does help me out alright let's get into the video oh yeah look at this guy he's nuts over here well margon what kind of video machine is that this guy didn't find a gun all right I feel like I died in this same spot last time let's get it Achmed he's got a cold combat so hey he's got to be good at the game this guy's name is baked pubes in the game nice for day is a whole different breed let me tell you nice day does he not have a head second you know you were this dude there's no way yep and there he goes all right spot D oh he's out of here he's getting lasered out of the air how understand you ready wait for it it's a one shot he made it out okay wonder how many we're gonna go through so we find the guy who actually wins the game I mean this guy's blind he just saw the bandages play the mini game bro play it yeah let's go this is new this is new and improved Kovacs right here boys everyone always asked me like how do you get good aim this is it man you just play the clown balloon game you know okay maybe not this guy oh no someone's swarming him someone's warning him he won't be seeing him now unfortunately he's not live he's got four kills he's kind of cracked coming in for the third party oh my l2 spam you see this guy he's a controller player once a pro why is it every single player i watch in like the last videos they've been controller player controller I guess everyone in fortnight wants to use controller now like it's really weird I mean hey I don't see why you wouldn't I mean you don't miss got him trapped he's going off the roof that's the only thing my controller it's hard to like place traps in my opinion ain't like re editing I feel like in Serie edit that's on uh-oh caught him off guard does this guy not Oh Oh someone's shadowing on top of them as well you got to get out of there boss nice oh my oh this guy's actually go down the sticks you know this has to be faced away bro on his all this is his other account there's a heavy sniper bro I would pick that thing up so fast oh my god a kills you know these are the people like just oh he just got one time he's if you don't like to spectate because they actually like get into action you know the trees are cooking them l2l to him out of the air i'll to him out of there oh this guy's a psycho yeah we'll be seeing you he's pushing up I don't know a lot of these kids in fact I can't hear really I like really late to like look where they're coming from this guy's big hurt man Oh see yeah oh yeah oh yeah he dropped a tin bomb already already got 10 kills this guy's aim bro with the l2 is it's just unstoppable oh don't get it don't get laser down the air please let the peek your head yeah this guy knows better oh trap him this guy said I'm out I'm out of here bro the heavens has pretty good billows in post up to him out of here yeah sick one dude he stole his kill we have the Battle of T TV's who aren't live they're warming up for their stream I guess and I don't know oh he's got low ground that's not his for is it yeah it's not even oh my those were his a fifteen Beaumont controller and solos that's a I'll give him a cookie and I feel like all the rest of these people I feel like the rest of the people in the game in their BOTS so he's just kept like find them I think can you see what I'm saying like that guy has no clue Oh MOT dude this guy's a man this guy is this guy's aim is insane oh no poor guy oh my god he can't that is dying to fall damage bro he's got an RPG wait for it he's an RPG so he's literally gonna RPG himself watch pick accent you have this guy pickaxes him I will literally donate him whenever he goes live I will donate him like 20 bucks oh hey guys come on now that was kind of scary that guy had an RPG he was literally about to use it alright two people left King drop a 15 that's about it there's the launch pad there it is one of them's got to be sitting up here hundred percent oh there goes the ball see you Hold'em I got their boat there he needs both those skills 15 ball more I'm counting it as an L oh yeah it's over it's over – peace hit it yo let's see them 90s oh oh it's got the best dance in the game on real Wow hey for the first game on this guy drops a 15 bomb on controller skit him in phase already bro so a1 b1 this man I've been in all seriousness I hope you guys did enjoy the video like I said before if you guys want to see more like this or if you even want to see any other types of videos just make sure to let me know down in the comments I appreciate the sport I'll catch you guys in the next video peace oh oh I dropped my shot I broke it they broke e are you they're coming going up the gold back again which is rebuilding no don't don't go up there do some red sky you

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  1. Are you kidding me? Hahaha hahaha this video is a joke. There is no such thing as a decent controller player, they just can't be good. There is no controller player that is good, there can't ever be.


  2. at 5:00 when you talk about the audio , i feel like audio while spectating is 10x better than when playing , just my opinion tho maybe cause youre not actually playing and its easier to focus who knows


  3. The only benefit of playing on controller is aim assist that is It I don’t care what any one says everything else is harder editing,sniping,building all harder on a controller because we use 2 sticks


  4. brown magician is fake cause it says epic games email and password and fortnite said they never ask for the password 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑


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