Gepard GPR ground penetrating radar – Applications and functionality

Gepard GPR ground penetrating radar – Applications and functionality

Here is the Gepard GPR. The ground penetrating radar from OKM used to locate underground objects and structures to depths of 40 meters. As a treasure hunter, you can find chamber tombs, buried treasure caches like chests or other items of great value. As an archaeologist, you can search for ancient settlements, foundations, graves, tunnel systems and other historical sites. The Gepard ground penetrating radar is also well suited for construction sites. You can locate sub-surface pipes, conduits, gas lines and other buried utilities. The Gepard GPR can be powered with 8 rechargeable AA batteries or with the optional Power Pack. The operation of the unit is conducted using the multi-function button and the depth adjustment knob. There are 16 different depth adjustments to choose from. The transmission of the ground penetrating radar is done by sending a radio wave into the ground. The signal bounces off an underground object where the receiver records the returning signal or reflection. The collected data is sent via Bluetooth to the tablet PC. In the tablet PC, the measurement is calculated into a graphical image for analysis. Using this method of detection, hidden sub-surface targets, geological structures and sub-straits can now be seen. Various filters to control colors and ground types allow the user to see the exact depth and position of the object. For additional information about the Gepard ground penetrating radar, please visit our website or contact a dealer near you. There you can arrange for a comprehensive product demonstration.

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