Game of Thrones – Words are Wind – Episode 2 – Season 3

Game of Thrones - Words are Wind - Episode 2 - Season 3

you northerners are so dead in Korea is that what you think we actually have a sense of humor mmm really here comes the master of comedy himself Lord Bolton tell us a joke what's brown and sticky a stick your grace news from Winterfell everyone you know and love is now dead do you remember when we first met you gave me your favor at the hands tourney yes a hand won the tournament right right right of course your horse's head was cut off in a single stroke oh yeah that was a bad day what's wrong with him he's a warg he can enter the mind of animals but he also makes that face when he's taken a crap this man will be the best place to stand I save you you have crushed me forever forever stop the first day of school you will find in your heart it was in two three who said in one I said see that little girl I want to marry her mother but she ran off with a coal miner rich purged Khaleesi this is severe Aston you owe him your first child if I could give him one I just say

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