Farming Simulator 19 Mobile – Android & IOS (REACTION)

Farming Simulator 19 Mobile – Android & IOS (REACTION)

right hello everybody welcome back to a
brand new video is matt and in today’s video well I’m gonna be reacting to some
of the really really obviously dodgy Android and iOS videos so these are
videos telling you apparently telling you how to get farming simulator 19 for
your phone all these obviously completely fake well it’ll probably give
you a virus if you actually download it so my tip is done and if you see one of
these videos and watch it have a laugh but don’t download it if you if you
don’t want the virus see so before we do get into the video though I just want to
say um my sponsor DLgamer are having they’re having a massive sale right now
on all games so I think battlefield 5 is $25 on
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win-win right yeah does sound ridiculous it’s such a dodgy link as well like it’s
just at the bottom harmful harmful and file wait about nine years for this to
complete this is Sochi already it’s gonna be easy downloading it on what I
have no idea what this guys doing quality music low you know I’m missing
summer alright download it all right but
install her got thing about the video was the music that yeah oh the game on
is gone laughing the trailer just actually play when you first download
the game on like PC awesome so maybe alright so I blah blah blah the
trailer isn’t gonna skip this all just gonna leave us in yeah right we
understand there’s a trailer yeah right alright so let’s see I’m sorry but how
how poorly made is that oh oh to play the game you have to suddenly
download twelve apps all your foods download one up easy yeah so easy that
isn’t it like not like we’ve all done something like this where we’ve like
down was enough to get free free fifa points on V boxes amok it’s all a piece
of rubbish spend 30 seconds on there this never works by the way never works
it never has it’s all just come oh wow it totally hasn’t just over laced some
controls on some gameplay oh oh great game on his phone oh wow totally hasn’t
chewed up you can see the mouth on these thing you know it’s listing the mouse on
the gameplay he’s not widely pressing the buttons and he’s not moving anywhere
I don’t understand this is he’s not pressing the buttons to move he’s just
tapping things so as you just saw that was the first video so now we’re moving
on to farming simulator 19 mobile FS 19 Android and iOS right click on that it’s
gonna give us right the same sort of idea again on
these foreign recording FS 19.4 be okay pretty average to standing yeah you
know yeah average so he’s downloading it open there and
he’s got the trailer like the other guy hide so these all tend to be almost all
the same these videos so a trailer yeah blah blah blah phone line there before
that’s nineteen standard it’s with FEMA but just from different websites yeah mobile verification same rubbish
yes the download snap open it 30 seconds yeah he’s gonna open the middle one
because that was the one that the guy opened last time yeah it’s just the same video oh let’s download to this one okay that’s new you have to download to open blah blah bah-bah-bah opens it all standard stuff
do you know what isn’t standard deal game check them out link in the
description right so it’s downloaded then that must mean first sex by now it
has to be a thirty second what you doing that’s 30 seconds so for some reason
it’s still alright there we go so where’s the trailer like we saw at
the beginning plays all this again it’s rubbish farm light number four FS 19
yeah right so fancy starting effects this time you can’t always just Nick
this front end from some PC gambler all right so the plane the trailer again Oh oh yeah that’s good innit he’s not personal what was he doing he
didn’t press anything there and you can see the mouse on the screen it bit hard
to see from my room but just don’t see a room is done FS 19 what movie I’m okay
because it’s violence or Stanley alright so I think we’ve got the gist of that so
let’s move on to the next video right so the next one we have is families from
u-ace 19 norbye on Android and iOS all right open your internet browser FS so
it’s the same as last time the first one we covered is there it
meta mid to be honest this one alchemist is different to the first one but it’s
my site oh it was FS 29 yeah oh it’s a little amazing oh yeah absolutely
amazing it’s a trilled and they’ll see not that’s must have seen that trailer
all these 200 times since it was released yeah it’s the exact same app
it’s the same video just reloading it’s annoying so don’t download two free apps and
follow instructions given demos yeah fair enough done was that one fair
enough yeah blah blah blah what we’ve seen before already don’t care about I
knew this so pretty much what we can see is X the exact same thing reuploaded right okay so there’s knowledge point
reactants that videos so I think I’m gonna run this video here so I hope
everyone has a lovely Christmas and I will be uploading shortly after
Christmas I’m gonna take a little break but hope everyone has a very nice week
eats a lot of food and yeah subscribe if you haven’t already um like this video
comment share with your friends so they can either laugh – on your device making spicy

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