Family Games Board Game Review

Family Games Board Game Review

Hi my name is Kimberly and welcome back
to my channel. I teach the divorcing parent education class about six times a
month here in Memphis, Tennessee. if you’re interested in signing up for that
class you can go to One of the things that I recommend
that you do with your children during our parenting class is have a game nigh.t
Now if your kids are like mine, they probably love playing games like
Fortnight and Pokemon Go and PlayStation, Nintendo switch and all of those things,
but the five games that we’re going to talk about today are what I would call
“old school games.” These old school games are very affordable, most of the ones
that I’m going to recommend are under $10 and we’re going to go through five
old-school games that have been tried and tested by my kids, so let’s get
started The first game I’d like to talk to you
about is Connect 4. Connect 4 is for two players, it’s for ages six and up
and just like the name of the game says you try to get four pieces of the game
in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
This is definitely an old-school game and most of you have played it, but it is
a great game if you only have just you and one child who would like to play. As
a reminder this video is not sponsored in any way, I will put links in the
description below to the games, all of which can be found on Amazon. This one is
about $7.99 currently on Amazon. If you have a larger budget or maybe you’re
having a big party or your kids just really love to play Connect 4,
I have a second option for you. It’s currently $144.99 so definitely not budget-friendly
but there is a giant version of Connect 4 So if you are interested in that,
again link in the description below, but it’s over three feet tall and it looks
like it could potentially be a lot of fun. Unfortunately for my children I am
way too cheap to buy that. The next game that I would like to talk
to you about is the Jenga classic game Jenga is a tower building game, it’s fun
for the whole family, again ages 6 and up. You can play this game with multiple
family members. I guess in theory you could play it by yourself, your kid can
practice if they want to do that or you can practice if you are trying to learn
how to beat them. It’s about $10 on Amazon, the price kind of goes up and
down so I hate to quote an exact price if you’re looking later but it’s around
$10 because I’m trying to keep all of these games around $10, but you pull a
block out one at a time, there’s about 54 blocks in the classic game it takes
strategy, skill, luck and you win by being the last player to remove a block
without causing the entire tower to crash down. Again I’m sure you’ve played
it, but the question is, “How often are you having a game night with your kids and
doing something that’s not electronic devices and things like that?” Keeping
with our unique Giant Theme there is also a giant version of this game, it’s
just under $70, so not as expensive as the giant Connect 4, but this particular
version on Amazon is under $70 and it stacks up to 5 feet tall. You may need a
stepladder for that if you have a smaller child, but it does look like
something that would be really fun. This next game is definitely only for
the bravest of parents or people who do not mind getting sticky and dirty and
making a mess. The Pie in the Face game starts out with you loading the arm of
the game with some whipped cream, make sure it’s not shaving cream or it will
burn your face! So you load it with whipped cream and you take turns putting
your head in a mask, there’s a spinner on the side and players take turns spinning
the handle the number of times indicated on a spinner that comes with the game
and then without warning randomly someone will get a whipped cream hand in
the face. It doesn’t hurt, but it is messy and I do recommend that you close your
eyes. The game can be found again on Amazon. This one’s a little bit more
expensive, it’s around 20 dollars, it’s been out for a few years it was a really
hot game when it first came out and there are some different iterations of
the game now that are Pie in the Face Cannon or Pie in the Face Sky High and
they’re a little bit cheaper so if you want to try out this game it’s
definitely something that your kids would probably love to see you getting a
pie in the face! If you don’t want a pie in your face but
you don’t mind getting a little messy, there is a game called Don’t Step in It!
It’s under $10 on Amazon, this happens to be the Unicorn Edition and how the game
works is you place poop piles on a floor mat, you spin the spinner and then while
you’re blindfolded you take the number of steps that it tells you and you try
not to step in this messy unicorn poop. Adults and kids usually enjoy playing
this game and again if you don’t mind getting sticky messy or dirty and you
like to show your kids a good time and that you’re a good sport you might want
to pick up this relatively inexpensive game. The fifth game that I would like to
recommend is a game called Blink. They do call this the world’s fastest game, it is
a card game, it’s easy to take with you on an airplane, on a train, on vacation. It
will definitely keep you and your child entertained. You will not believe how
hard it is to play, but how easy the rules are, so I’ll just briefly explain
them to you. I’ve stuck a screen shot up here for you to look at and it’s just a
matching game so you will see that if someone puts down a blue card with three
teardrops on it, any other card with tear drops can be placed on top of that or
any other blue card can be placed on top of that or any other card with three
shapes can be placed on top of that and then whatever the card that is placed on
the top is the new card and the matching starts all over again. You can play this
game really quickly, you can play it in teams, you can play it as a tournament.
It’s under six bucks on Amazon and it is definitely
one of my kids favorite games. Another thing I love about this game is that
it’s appropriate to play with younger kids or adults because you don’t have to
read, you don’t have to memorize complex rules,
it’s just matching. I thought I would give you one final game I’ll call it a
“bonus game” and it is a game that can be played by yourself, so it’s something
that you can give your child to entertain themselves maybe while you’re
cooking dinner or while you’re getting out some of the other games or it’s
something that they can use in place of an electronic device or watching TV and
the name of this game is called Double Shutter Shut the Super Box. It’s based on
an old English pub game called Shut the Box and you can definitely get Shut the
Box games on Amazon, but this particular game Double Shutter Shut the Super Box
is the one that my kids love the most and it’s really fun. It’s a game for up
to four players so you can play it by yourself, you can play it cooperatively
to encourage your kids or you and your child to do something together or you
can compete against each other. You roll the dice, it’s a counting game, you add up
the number of dots on the dice and then find the best combination of the
numbered tiles at the top to flip down or to shut and so you can develop
strategies, you can figure out probabilities and use math. It’s
definitely an entertaining and enticing way to teach kids about addition. If you
are interested in that game I have linked it down below in the description.
I really appreciate you staying to the end of the video and listening to my
thoughts about all five of the games, including this extra bonus game called
Shut the Super Box. Thank you for watching this video about five old-school games
that we recommend during the Tennessee Parent Education Class. If you liked this
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