Essential Detail Brushes for Great Makeup Application

Essential Detail Brushes for Great Makeup Application

Hi – Sharon Danley with Two Minute Tips for Healthy Beauty & Confident Aging. This week it’s the essential detailed makeup
brushes that you need to make the job easier and here’s the assortment all
travel sized brushes so that you have short handles to make the job easier
when you’re using a magnifying mirror and first up is our flat edged angled
brushes for brow guidelines and filling in and for your lashline both top and
bottom and make sure that you have a dedicated brush for each job and next we
have your classic dome and straight fluff brushes the dome brush can be used
for eyeshadow in the crease of your eyes or at the end of your eyes and this
straight eyes shadow can be used on your lower
lash line remember all these brushes can be interchangeable and next we have the
medium flat dome brushes I love these for the corners of my eyes you know that
little circle around the front that goes around underneath and I use one for that
and one for contour along the side of my nose and next we have a variety of tiny
dome and fluff brushes these are quite tiny and fantastic for fixing up
eyeliner in the corner or at the back corner of your eye underneath or any
kind of very tiny detailed work and next I have a tiny flat dome brush I can use
it for glue to add a little bit more glue on my line eyelash if it needs a
gel liner I make little hair strokes on my brows after they’ve been filled in or
I can use it for spot concealer because this is a synthetic brush I think having
to at least of these brushes is very handy
and next of course is this little sleek quick touch-up packaging that I made one
of them is a foundation that I just smushed together with some alcohol in an
old pan from I shadow and the other one is a kind of a dark charcoal gray that I
can use for eyeliner at us a light hand for eyebrows or touch-ups in any way
shape or form it’s the best and because it’s so sleek I can just slip it into
the side of my wallet so easily accessible and quick and easy to touch
up on the go and no matter what travel brushes short-handled brushes for
detailing you can get them at art shops or I would recommend crown brushes as
their prices are good and their brushes are fabulous Fast, they’re eas, it’s simple and oh so effective. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Sharon,thanks so much for pictures of the brushes and explaining what each one of these is for! So helpful! Thanks for the great mini lesson!


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