CSE 125 Video Game Course – UC San Diego

CSE 125 Video Game Course - UC San Diego

I love video games and I've loved video games for a very very long time so that they're coming to UCSD I knew my final quarter for graduate I'm going take this class I really wanted to get involved in something you know very team oriented and something a lot bigger than just you know an individual project or something like that see is he 125 as a special capstone undergraduate course oriented towards seniors in the computer science and engineering program and the idea behind the course is to give the students a different kind of opportunity in a project course than they've had in any of their other classes I'm on my last year here so I really wanted to do something that meant a lot to me in my last quarter we basically made the lab our home and live down there and spent plan to spend all of our days nights and weekends down there working on the game and I think it was worth it so they have really essentially eight weeks to to actually do actual development and what's incredible is they they go from nothing from just design ideas to a fully working game but I heard about it by sophomore year when i switch to computer science and ever since then I'll kind of try to plan out my schedule so that I would be able to take it my senior year that was big hard the most time-consuming of course that I've ever taken but it was well worth it so really there are only plus is where you can get experienced about developing the game and learning all the concepts involved experience working with a group which you get from some other courses but not as much as in this class what they're learning as a result of taking this course goes far beyond just games in and of itself they are working on a large distributed system that's very complex and challenging the bill so now they get an intense experience on designing implementing very challenging systems it helps you get used to the working with a group and that is like essential key you know skill that they don't teach you in a lot of other classes i would say that before i came to that class I kind of had an idea of how to program and it had been relatively successful programming at UCSD and getting rid of good grades but it wasn't taught typic I course that it all kind of came together and kind of clicked because this class makes you marketable this class has you leaving UCSD with a portfolio and something awesome that you can send to someone that you can prop up on a laptop and show someone that really just takes people's breath away there's a tremendous amount of accomplishment and personal pride in being able to produce something that they can point to that other people can see and say yes I can do this I know how to do this and this is what I've done and I'm really really proud it's really worth it because I feel like it's the only class where we have the chance to be to create something that is our own there are barely any rules so it's really open there's no class that is like that and I think that it's rewarding and also enjoyable that's why I think people should take the class it's an opportunity to do something extraordinary you

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