CLASH OF CLANS (Honest Game Trailers)

CLASH OF CLANS (Honest Game Trailers)

the following trailer is rated H for honest from supper chol developers of the clash of clans ripoff with army soldiers and a clash of clans ripoff with chickens comes the cancerous mobile game built on grinding OCD and stealing your parents credit card clash of clans prepare for everything wrong with the game industry in one convenient location that would cost over twelve thousand dollars to fully unlock from day one and by day one I mean day two thousand eight hundred and sixty because that's how long you'd have to wait for everything to finish building you pathetic fucking sucker I mean loyal paying customer build a fearsome army and crush your enemies with all the strategy and skill of choosing where to tap and protect your village with the same tower defense principles you've been bored of since the 90s in the almost hands-off experience that's all about the timing as in timing your entire life around it whether you're harvesting your magical purple jizz every few hours keeping your builders active in the middle of the night or building an automated Lego robot arm to keep you from ever logging off it's a 24/7 commitment that will slowly become the only reason your phone notifies you anymore get wrapped in an endless cycle of upgrading your base with the spoils of war which you'll spend on upgrading your Town Hall which unlocks a new layer of upgrades which requires an upgrade to your resource storage which lets you save up enough to upgrade your Town Hall which unlocks another layer of upgrades and so on until you're stuck on a time sucking treadmill that will have you begging for the sweet release of death but it's not about the gameplay because lord knows there isn't much of that it's about making friends through joining a clan who will kick you out if you don't help out enough but before you know it you'll be one of Clash's top users like the seven-year-olds who spend three grand of their parents money the Kansas City Royals when they're in the middle of a losing streak this pedophile and former top player Jorge Yao who would bring five iPads into the shower theb so we never had to stop playing see kids this is what a winner looks like tell yourself you aren't addicted then stay logged on until game literally forces you to stop and tell yourself you won't spend any money to get ahead then realize you're foolish because how else could they afford Liam Neeson I can't wait to destroy your village I do beg for mercy but you will get no mercy so get hooked in the game that's more harmful to young people than GTA manhunt and postal combined but it'll all be worth it once I finally upgraded Town Hall 9 10 days oh this I'm out story you know what I'm done giving this game any more free press starring these way better $5 and under mobile games that aren't ruining everything calculon's super brother sword & Sworcery monument vally hitman go Oregon Trail ridiculous fishing Canabalt vainglory and taking five bucks out of your pocket putting it on the ground and setting it on fire Ku Klux Klan's I mean come on you join a clan of blond-haired blue-eyed Vikings and attack big nose creatures who love gold it's really fucked up be sure to subscribe for more honest game trailers and tell me what you'd like to hear me say in my awesome voice I don't have a dirty mind I just have a sexy imagination shall we shag now or shag later Charlie we're going to candy mountain and come with us Charlie remember Sulley when I promised to kill you last I lied player 1 defeated

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  2. Lmao i stole my parent's credit card and spent over 2 g on dragon city when i was younger

    dad walks in with his belt


  3. Did someone got an advertisement of clash of clans in the end ?
    I got advertisement from Facebook



    Or is that how your supposed to say it?


  5. I finally get rid of this game after realising countless hours i spend, so much data used ,overheating my device collecting resources so that it could be looted by someone so i could recollect again and again and again โ€ฆ………………..


  6. In The Old Days Evrey One Was Addicted To This lol

    Like Me But I Left It For That Reason I Had Town Hall lvl10 and 9 Max

    Edit:I Left The Game 3 Years Ago What About U Guys?


  7. Wish I saw this in 2015 ๐Ÿ˜ฅ. I quite playing that game a long time ago, with I hadn't spent any money though. spent like 80ยฃ.

    Now I play clash royale free of charge for fun.


  8. 2015:Meh, maybe later
    2016:Nah not now
    2017:Soon but not this year
    2018:Maybe next year
    2019 Youtube:Now put it in the recomendion


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