yo what is good YouTube it's your boy – gasps nobody call my wrist Joe what don't say banger video today yo shout-out to myself LLL be back with the iPhone 25 you found me stop it get some help hey we're back with another monkey app video yah um so today off we got this I think y'all know what we doing as y'all seen the title and the thumbnail we're gonna act like a female catfish these thirsty men a monkey up reaction is you fit me but we're gonna change it up a little bit you know say yeah I'm saying yeah leave a like and subscribe let's get right into it Josh so we work raising and creating the username and we're gonna name her geisha I don't know why that's just like a female name you know I'm at a daddy to the profile baby we got your catfishing these dogs out here yeah but I mean owdacious a Doug that sounds like a bad easy filming bro okay she's looking good and I'd like a picture of my food not my booty I'm not gay hey she loves they she loves there we go they should love thing about O'Day she loves I hope she loves twerking I am gonna be acting like a female put on this wig I'm a bonehead oh oh it already started yo yo got yo jazz yo I changed I changed my username today solos an accident it's stupid oh my gosh and I can't change it back from my name is deja loves now oh yeah so now we got to go on google and get a profile picture GG bro I just changed my main profile my main profile hi hey hi so I'm gonna add this picture that's about to pop up on the screen they all look like they're famous duh oh we got the picture now time to go in for the kill Sabu now it's time yo where the hell is the opening well maybe your oh my gosh my foreheads looking like half of these hoes no homo I know what y'all niggas bout dog me in the comment section say damn Dom you bad as shit okay nigga you'll get blocked good all right we got Kyra how should we take a female alright whatever thank you shut the fuck up Nate I'm not pretty at all she gave me that dad look she gave me that dad like she said what the hell oh yes yes how you doing Nega I said how are you doing future lookin ass nigga you ugly shit show you my dick nigga yes boy Jacob the story is lookin ass nigga I don't want to see I some time has some time you want to see my titties sir he's and gentlemen we got him you see this dick nigga so have you ever toured before have you retort before you could work on his dick tobu period on his dick what'd he do baby girl we're gonna back you looking good yeah that nigga in the back hey boo oh you fine at some time boo oh I like that yeah I like that good baby girl with good what a do boo at some time Oh y'all fine where y'all from yeah I know what's up nigga what it do baby girl damn okay what the fuck nigga you said I'm fine nigga you late little check them on yo shit okay yeah bad niggas gay dad niggas gay hey boo oh you so bad at some time nigga I am a nigga you got that right oh hey daddy you so fun at some time boo you miss me I miss you miss this dick in your mouth nigga yo ugly ass yeah that's right at some time if it's real yeah you could see my face but what it do baby girl yeah I still won my number why not I'm bad nigga what are you talking about I don't like 6:9 hey baby how old you is add some time baby oh you cute what's your number well you could get this number nigga what do you do baby girl meatball lookin ass nigga hey baby boy oh as sometimes you cutest in your mama nigga with this fat ass dick yo homie ugly as shit give me a high five lookin ass nigga alright job we don't wrap it up there y'all leave a like and subscribe it's being your boy Dom y'all leave a like yo banker video on us shout out to my I don't forgive me this video idea but shots my sister let me use this wig yeah we played it off good you know a saint shut up there make sure I go follow her Instagram she does braids job she did my braids as y'all seen in my other monkey out video yeah go yeah go hit her with a follow man she on her grind you know on saying hey if y'all watching this y'all fruit get her get her to like 300 followers straight let me fall Oh default share right now so if y'all get her this 300 I'll do a giveaway for y'all boys simple as that get it 300 share and post and I got y'all with a PSN or Xbox giveaway y'all be safe though it's been your boy – gasps dumb yeah yeah yeah


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