Bluehost Affiliate Program Review: Watch This First Before Joining Bluehost!

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review: Watch This First Before Joining Bluehost!

hey guys how you doing if you're watching this video today likely you want to know if Bluehost affiliate program is right for you or not and this blue holes affiliate program review I'm going to tell you how is it that you cannot only get started with Bluehost but also start making money with it today I'm Wally will learn and today I just wanted to give you a brief review of the Blue Hose affiliate program itself I was going to also tell you about my personal experience with them a little bit about the company their background and why is it that you should personally try there hosting services too you know of course promote their affiliate program there are several ways that you can you know promote the Blue Hose affiliate program but to get started with it obviously you can see right now I'm on the Bluehost web page and on the very bottom let me just jump back to it that way you can see how I got here who totally new to Bluehost itself once you get to their main page which is here all you have to do is drop down to the very bottom and click on affiliates so once you do that you're gonna sign up here and it's totally free to do it so you're gonna create a free account to get started with the Bluehost affiliate program and the cool thing about Bluehost is that they do provide you with you know different banners affiliate referral links that you can use of course you know with your web promotion in fact be myself on my blog at self learning that com I'm gonna include a link right in the descriptions up portion of this video you can check out you can see some examples of some of the banners that I have set up on the website itself periodically with Bluehost it will have what I called flash sales and basically what it is is you can see like on their you know main page here that they're hosting normally goes for $17.99 but they've dropped into 395 per month with these flash sales typically what they'll do is even drop it even more so one of the deals to they had going on like during a Cyber Monday and Black Friday it was for like 295 per month and during that particular month or during those months when they had these specials that you know pop up they'll send you emails just let you know about you know special promos that they have going on and whenever this occurs they actually bump up to $100 per sign up so what I wanted to do right now is I tell you more about the payout the affiliate payout as you can see right here on their webpage Bluehost pays out sixty-five dollars for each sign up so every time someone clicks through one of your affiliate links your your referral links that they give you or even one of their banners and they sign up get started with Bluehost web hosting they're gonna pay you out $65 per sign up now I mentioned before that one of the flash sales it was like $100 and I son it's not typical what it is is you know from time to time with these sales they will up the you know pay out but across the board Bluehost does pay out sixty-five dollars per sign up one of the things I wanted to mention to you is that Bluehost pays out monthly if you looking for something that pays out like on a weekly basis I definitely recommend site Brown I also host with them as well one of my blogs and I'll definitely include a link in the descriptions page to show you how to get started with them and start making money weekly but going back to Blue Hose itself the real key to Bluehost web hosting or the Bluehost affiliate program is your marketing some time ago I ran a test campaign whereby I used pay-per-click pay-per-click marketing with Google Adwords and one of the tests that I conducted I was mainly focusing on longtail keywords which is an absolute must if you're gonna use pay-per-click you know marketing Google Adwords being what have you that's yes you you're go after you don't want to bid on general terms in fact when it comes to term that you can bid on you can bid on just about anything with the exception of Bluehost trademarked terms for example you can't bid on bluehost com you can't build on you can't bid on Bluehost you can't build dead on trying to get my words together you can't bid on anything like Bluehost a Philly anything that contains the word Bluehost in it you cannot bid on it but there are a lot of ways to get around that and of course to maximize here Flickr is than us I get you know sales there are a lot of other ways that you can go about you know promoting a program itself of course there's you know blogging there's email marketing your solo ads banner ads as I mentioned before all of which you can you know maximize to get the most exposure to your website you can also play some banners on other people's website so if you look online on Google and you discover that there are you know websites that have a lot of traffic they get in like just a thousands of you know visitors they on a monthly basis and it's highly targeted a lot of these blogs online will allow you to place a banner of course on their website and you get pay for it maybe who knows 50 maybe 100 dollars a month just depends on you know the traffic that comes through on that website but again that's another idea that you could utilize to get traffic to your website of course with any affiliate program you do want to disclose that you are an affiliate of Bluehost it's in accordance with FTC not where you'll get in trouble there you can always include a small little you know if it there where you're you're letting your your visitors know that you know if you're blogging about you know blitz web hosting maybe your personal experience with them or you want to inform them about what Bluehost offers you definitely want to include that on your blog post as well one of the things that I recommend with Bluehost that I mean they're really really nice reputable company provides web hosting I definitely recommend that you try out their services first the reason why you want to do that is because obviously if you are if you're if you're a user of their web hosting and you'd be more in a position to write a really nice informative blog posts about your personal experience obviously if you can write about your personal experience we blew those web hosting plans them you know obviously other people want to try out what you are you know promoting and so that's the main goal with the main objective with any you know web hosting or any affiliate program is that I definitely recommend that you get started with it you know I mentioned in part about site brow I personally use them with one of my other blogs and with site growling itself I mean they pay out weekly which is awesome you know like a blue house blue host on a monthly basis but also user services so I can you know about for Sai chronica vouch for Blue Hose and the other web hosting companies that I use and so if you're looking for a really nice income stream to add to your your website your blog but if I recommend you getting started with Bluehost affiliate program I want to thank you guys so much for watching this video about this Bluehost affiliate program review give me your thoughts on it in the comments section below give this video a thumbs up tell me what you like most about this video I wanted to be as transparent as possible with it not give you a lot of fluff but just give you the basic details about the Blue Hose affiliate program to give you enough information to make a decision about them today well that's it I just wanted to give you some brief information thank you guys so much for watching this video and I'll get you on the next

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    .. thanks man ,good video .. I need a hand plz
    I signed up with their affiliate program .. now Can I buy any kind of hosting plans for my( personal blog) [form their affiliate links ] and GET THE 65 $ COMMUTATION ??

    and how about the Tax form for non US people ?? cuz i must fill it to get the payments
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