BEST PS4 Controller? (Nacon Revolution PRO)

BEST PS4 Controller? (Nacon Revolution PRO)

Hey what’s up guys this is my unboxing and review of the Nacon Revolution Pro controller for playstation 4. First up on the box we have some basic information about the product as well as what’s included. Taking off the plastic sleeve we see the Nacon branded logo in front of two card doors. Opening these doors reveals a protective layer of card showing off the basic shape of the controller. After removing that we finally get to see the revolution pro controller, but I’m going to move it out of the way for now. Removing the last layer lets us see the included accessories which are a cloth cover for the controller, a simple quick start guide a cable protector, a bunch of Nacon stickers and finally a small box containing the braided 10 foot cable and weights. Before connecting the cable to the controller we need to firmly place the plastic protective piece in the end of the cable unfortunately the cable is proprietary and not micro USB. Next we push the cable into the controller and tighten it by hand powering on the device don’t forget that this is a wired only controller unlike the dual shock 4. The revolution pro controller features the standard set of buttons that you’re used to something worth noting though is that there buttons are a bit mushy. The d-pad has improved over the ds4 and has a full 8 directions of freedom. The analog sticks are staggered like an Xbox controller and the height’s been lifted to give them 46 degrees of motion. On the back of the controller we see what makes it unique. there’s a mode switch than one position makes function like a transition for the other you can remap all the buttons fire you can also call button lets you switch between four different profiles each button configuration and the controller for macro buttons which are also programmable except we include wait which come in 3 says with different weight instead of using questionable little speed that you played in the bottom of the controller could pull up the weight housing maybe but whichever way to your choice to the housing and when you don’t destroy back and try their luck it was wondering how to go revolutionary controllers in the size comparison of the tix in the deal struck ball and she has one of its next to an xbox one controller now for the biggest question how does it actually play games and fighting games like intakes that he said is a welcome change helping you put off those ridiculous combos and submission move she was like tropical to also see an improvement jutsu the more comfortable legged animal 06 and more accuracy provided by the extra reason motion single-player games like the Last Guardian however yeah let’s not go there no difference so that concludes my short review of the next revolution pro controller for playstation 4 like this video to like it just like if you love the last volume comment down below in your fortune the struggles my child video

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  1. I bought this controller and I regret it. it feels so weird in the hand and so uncomfortable even after using for long period. I used to be on top of scoreboard now I'm shit. the analog stick are so difficult to control. and there is audio problem in parties. other people complain about echo whenever I join the party. I switched to the old controller and the problem solved. so don't buy this controller


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