Bernardo Silva – Player Analysis – Man City's Player of The Season

Bernardo Silva - Player Analysis - Man City's Player of The Season

what's going on at 1:00 and welcome back to another video my name is someone and today's analysis video is going to be about Manchester City's Player of the season but not a Selma so but nowadays we must score 13 goals and 14 assists from Manchester City this season and he established himself as one of the most important players of pep guardiola in today's analysis video we will try to analyze Bernardo Silva's gameplay and we will also try to see why he's so important for Pep Guardiola but not as Wilma has an excellent ability to identify space and be at the right position at the right time Sergio agüero snare post run takes Sokratis away and that opens the space in front of the goal dog's leash Tyler was ball watching and Bernard Silva makes a 1 from The Blind Side to getting the space and scored the goal lise trainer was looking at Benjamin Mandy the whole time and but not a super makes a late run from the plant side to get in the space and score the goal the defenders are falling back to cover the six yard space and block the square pass to equator but na da Silva read the situation and he held this run to create space in front of the defense de Bruyne upholds Montreal how to create space in the defense for Bernard Silverstone and Bernardo Silva was too cool for go and Uzi but not as Weaver drops in between the lands and evils Jerry Mena out of his line to create space in evidence refunds the defensive line is now broken and Morris has the chance to make a run behind the defensive line in the open space we all know by now that pep guardiola likes to keep both his fingers widen attach lines and he wants his fingers to hold those void positions both fingers hold their positions until the opposition fullback is tracked narrow and that's when the wide wingers make the late runs inside the box in there for him standing analysis video I showed you how he makes late runs in the box to score simple diamonds fall back move narrow and sterling held this wide position and made a late run in the box to score a simple diamond Trippier has both narrow and struggling once again holds his wide position and makes a late run from The Blind Side to score a simple tap but not as we what has the same thing on the other side he also likes to hold this position until the full-back moves narrow and then he makes late runs inside the box the broad upholds 10 he goes narrow and Bernardo swivel held his wide position and then made a later on in the space to score a simple tapping once again Marcus Alonso has both narrow but Bernardo Silva keeps his word and then makes a late run from the plant side the score a simple go very similar to what sterling does but not as wellwe had a shooting accuracy of 73% in all competitions for club and country this is a which was better than any other Manchester City winner but not a super straightest attacking weapon is his ability to score goals with one touch finish you one of the biggest advantages of having but not a server in your team is his robbery there's nothing that makes the manager happier than your work rate and this is why Pep Guardiola likes him so much it was almost impossible to be more pleased as a manager like a manager with with him that's why he deserves to play all the minute he's playing he's a good example for last four guys I don't forget I don't forget the behavior he had last season when he played a lot by new play in the star dealth in the game against Liverpool but not a superb converted distance of 13 points seven kilometers the highest distance covered by any player in the league last season but not a super is always running around attacking defending and helping his team as much as again when I used to play at the white wing I never realized the importance of defending but when Pep Guardiola moved me to the midfield that's when I realized how important it is for the winger to drop back and defend because sometimes I was left alone in the midfield so now when I play at the wing position I know that I need to drop back and defend or else my midfielders will be in trouble but not assume oh thank you so much guys for watching the video please don't forget to Like and subscribe

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  1. The space recognition part reminds me of messi when he holds his run for a cutback from jordi alba. Bernardo is too good, top 5 for ballon d'or at least


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