[ Application for AmCham Scholars 2019] – Le Ha Tuyet Ngan

[ Application for AmCham Scholars 2019] –  Le Ha Tuyet Ngan

Hi everyone my name is Tuyet Ngan I’m
senior student at Hanoi Law University In the future, I want to pursue my dream of being a professional lawyer who can use both English and Japanese. My personal
brands included: “Carefulness, Responsibility, and Politeness. I’m also usually
known to be a person who love learning something new. As one of my notable challenges to get out of my safe zone, I did write a law thesis in Japanese and get a chance of joining a short exchange program to Nagoya University now we top 5 best universities in Japan. I think that this scholarship fits me well and will
lead me to a path full of exciting experiences as a great opportunity to join a huge
networking and make new friends with many excellent sister and brother.
Thank you for considering my application and hope to see you next round. Thank you so much I will try my best.

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